8 Ways to Memorize Scripture- Have trouble memorizing Bible verses? Here are 8 things to try to help you!
8 Ways to Memorize Scripture

How many of you have tried and failed at scripture memory? Raise your hand. (I’m raising mine). It is so hard to try to memorize scripture. God tells us in His word to “keep His word in our hearts,” but it can be difficult to keep it there. I have given you 8 tips on memorizing, and retaining, scripture. Feel free to try out each strategy. There has got to be at least one that works for you!

1. Write it out everyday.
In our women’s bible study we did this study called S.O.A.P. We had to completely write out the scripture we were studying. It helped to understand the words so much more. You are slowing down and forcing your brain to look at one word at a time. This is great for memorization. Have your bible open to the scripture and write it out on a piece of paper. No cheating if you have an electronic bible and copy and paste into a word document! If you do this everyday, preferably twice a day, (one in the morning and one at night) I will guarantee you will have the scripture down!

    2. Index Cards
Carry a stack of index cards with multiple verses in your purse. Throughout the day, flip through the cards. Create a steady schedule for looking through the cards. Every time you take a drink of water, look at the cards. Before you watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, look at the cards. This is a great way to not only memorize one verse, but to keep multiple verses in your mind for a long period.

  3. Tape it to Your Bathroom Mirror
Write out your verse on a piece of paper or index card and tape it to your bathroom, and for extra credit your bedroom, mirror. When you brush your teeth or wash your hands, your eyes will go immediately to the verse. Keep the verse there for a week and to retain the verse, keep it there the next week and add another verse underneath. Keep doing this until you’ve got 5 verses solid in your memory.

   4. Download a Scripture Memory App
This is the one that was the most helpful to me. We all spend almost every waking moment on our phones, so why don’t we use it as an advantage to further our spiritual walk? I use Scripture Typer Bible Memory. It is available in the Apple Store. It’s graphics aren’t very intriguing, but it gets the job done the best. You type in your verse and then it fades in and out each word in the verse. You have to type the first letter of the word to be able to move on to the next word. For example: “Jesus wept.” You would type “j” then “w” as the words fade in and out. It is very effective and eventually you get to the point where the words aren’t even on the screen. I’ve tried other apps, but this one was my favorite.

5. Say it Out Loud
It’s like learning a language. You can learn how to write the words out, but until you can speak it, you won’t truly know it. By saying it out loud, you can be sure that you have got it down. I’ve done this before where I can write the verse, but I can’t say it out loud. Once I know I can say it out loud and if I practice saying it out loud, I’ve mastered the verse.

6. Pray Through It
As you pray, use your verse to guide your words. Pray through the scriptures and if your verse is John 3:16, thank God for sending his only begotten Son to die for you and that through him you will have everlasting life. Have your Bible open, or the scripture written out in front of you as you pray. This is more application of your verse, but it will definitely help to memorize it more.

7. Set it to a Song
If you are creative and have extra time to write a song, you should definitely do this. I did this for memorizing the fruits of the Spirit. I pretended that I was writing a song for the kids in my Sunday school class. It may sound silly, but believe me it works. You won’t be able to get it out of your head, which is a good thing.

   8. Match Two
I don’t know about you guys, but I am TERRIBLE at memorizing the address of the verse. I could tell you the words of the verse, but I blank when it comes to telling you where to find the verse. Turn it into a game and write out all the verses you have memorized, without their address, on different index cards. Now write the addresses on separate index cards. Have a sheet matching the proper address with the passage facing down near you (Don’t peek!) Set out the cards in front of you and match which passage and address you think goes together. Check your “answer key” to see what you got right.

What do you do to memorize scripture? Any new ideas? Fun games? Tell us! Comment in the box below! The top answers will be posted! Hurry up and submit your strategies!

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