What Should You Put in Yor College Backpack-

This is definitely a question I would have liked answered before I went to college. It may seem like a silly question, but it really is very important to know! You don’t want to over-pack or under-pack during college! Knowing just the right stuff you need will make your day go by easier and more organized.

First of all, let’s talk about the actual backpack that you will have. Don’t get those one shoulder cutesy big purse bags. Your shoulder will be dying by the end of the day and you will probably suffer some damage for the rest of your life (that might be a little over exaggerated). Get a backpack with TWO straps that goes on your back. Or better yet, get a rolly one. I’m telling you, those things are coming back in style. I’ve seen so many people with them at my school and they are not ashamed! Rock the rolly backpack and save your body the pain!

2. Pencils
This is an obvious one. You need utensils to write with. Wood or mechanical are both fine. Preferably #2 for tests on scan-trons.

3. Pens (Red and Black or Blue)
Some teachers have students correct papers in class, so red is always good to have. Black or Blue for those times your teacher insists you write in pen (Do they know how many mistakes I make while writing?)

4. Notebook for Each Class
Yes, you need notebooks. You need to keep track of all your notes and it’s easier to have individual notebooks for each class instead of single sheet of binder paper that gets mixed up easily with all your other class notes.

   5. Binder w/ tabs for each class
Get a small binder, not one of those industrial ones. Just 1/2 inch will do the trick. Get dividers w/ pockets for each class where you can store loose papers, homework, and handouts.

6. Highlighter
You never know when you need to highlight something in your textbook or notes.

7. Binder Paper
Sometimes professors want you to turn in an assignment in class on binder paper. It’s a pain in the bottom to have to rip out paper from your notebook and get stuck with the tiny ripped up pieces on the side. Those things get EVERYWHERE.

8. Laptop & Charger
If you don’t have a laptop in college, this should be the first thing you save up for. I could not have lived without my laptop. I put so many notes in there and typed up many many essays. One Note on Microsoft Word was miraculous. In fact, you could scratch of having notebooks for each class (#4)  if you like to take your notes on your laptop! What a good way to save room!

9. Headphones
You need these if you have to (or want to) listen to something on your laptop.

10. Wallet (with money)
Okay this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is a nice luxury to have when you are craving coffee at the café.

11. Snacks
You will probably not have time or a place to eat a meal, so I recommend small healthy snacks that you can eat  on the way to your next class. Almonds, apples, celery, trail mix, and granola bars are tasty!

12. Textbooks/ Other required reading materials
Some professors like you to bring your textbook or required reading to class, so save room for those too! If you have a big break in between classes, I would suggest bringing a textbook to work on homework.
Most importantly, you need to keep hydrated throughout your day! It’s so easy to forget about your basic needs as you go from class to class. Drink water during every break you have. Infuse your water with delicious fruits and veggies to turn water into a fun treat! I love to put mint, kiwi, and lemon in mine!

What other things do you think someone must have in their backpack? Leave a comment at the top of the page and I will post your ideas!

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