Finding Your Major- Are you having trouble finding what you want to major in in college? Don't worry! I am here to settle your anxiety!
Finding Your Major

When you first start college you may have a major in mind or you may be completely lost in the subject. Either way, deciding on a major can be hard and stressful. It is nothing to worry too much over in your first few years of college. I am here to help ease any worries.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your major when you first start college.

This is a major (no pun intended) decision to make. It takes a lot of consideration and there is no reason why you have to commit to one majorĀ  in your first year or two. It takes time and you need to explore the different possibilities that await you. Take different classes that you think you might be interested in. You will find something I promise. Every one who graduates college eventually does.

Don’t worry about changing your major.

If you have already been in college for awhile and you want to change your major, don’t be frightened. Everyone changes their major once, if not twice or three times. It is never too late to change your major. You can still keep going to college to get the classes you need. It is better to be in school a little longer than be stuck with a major you hate. Also, if you thought you were set on a major or career field since a little kid and then you find that you don’t think it’s for you, all will be fine. I always loved music as a little kid and all throughout high school I was actively involved in my school choir. I was in three different chorale groups my junior and senior year, took part in two musicals, and composed and conducted a choral piece. I thought I wanted to be a music major, now I just finished my first year of college after taking some music classes and I found its not for me. Everyone thought music was going to be my career. I’m changing my major to biology, but who knows? That might be different after next year.

Explore and Have Fun

As you look for a major or decide if you found “the one,” have fun with your exploration. Take classes you never thought you would take. If any class or subject grabs your interest, take it! If the class doesn’t work out, don’t be anxious. Continue on with your exploration and branch out! You WILL find a major.

In honor of exploring your major, what was your most interesting, awesome, and favorite class that you took? Did it have an impact on your academic journey?

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