How to Study the Fruits of the Spirit (Free Workbook!)

How to Study the Fruits of the Spirit (Free Workbook!)


How to Study the Fruits of the Spirit (Free Workbook!)- Are you a Christian who has heard the fruits of the spirit recited over and over again to them? Do you want to dig deeper into those words to get more out of it? Here is a FREE workbook to help you along in a personalized study to get more out of the fruits and in turn grow closer to Christ!

Here is my FREE downloadable &  printable Fruits of the Spirit Topical Study!

Through this work book, you will learn how to apply the fruits of the spirit to your life and scriptures that teach them.


Use these resources to help you complete the workbook:


– To look up Greek & root words, go here.

  1. Type in Galatians 5:22-23 in the circled part and select the version you want it in (I like NIV).

blue letter bible home

2. Click either verse that is circled depending on which word/fruit you want to look at.

blue letter bible step 2

3. A box will pop up with all the words in the verse separated out and with their Greek word. Click on the number, NOT the word. This will take you directly to the original Greek of the word.

blue letter bible step 3

4. Once you click the number it will take you to the Greek word’s page with its definition.

blue letter bible step 4

5. Scroll down and you will see a list of verses that contain the same Greek word. It may use a different word that was used in Galatians 5:22-23, but the meaning is the same (for example: meekness and gentleness are used in exchange with one another).

blue letter bible step 5

6. Click on the verses and start your journey to learn more about the fruits of the spirit!



– Look for sermons and lessons on the topic using this website by John MacArthur!


– Look at references to others scriptures & an extended explanation of the scriptures by top scholars to expand your understanding of the Bible.


I hope you take away a lot from this workbook! Please give me feedback so that I may be able to improve it!

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