50 Struggles of a Curly Haired Person

50 Struggles of a Curly Haired Person

50 Struggles of a Curly Haired Person- As curly haired people, our beautiful hair comes with a price. Every day is a challenge within itself. Here are 50 things we struggle with on a daily basis.

Admit it. There are so many difficult things we curly girls have to deal with. It can be a bit much sometimes. Yes, we love our hair and would probably never wish for anything different, but managing this beautiful work of art comes with a price.

Here are 50 struggles that ALL of us have to deal with:

  1. Waking up with seriously bad bed head EVERY morning.

You can’t escape it. EVER.

2. Going to school or anywhere in public with wet hair.

People try not to hug you.

3. The Awkward Hair Stage.

We’ve all been through it. Especially during freshman year in high school.

4. The All-Natural Stage.

You know what I’m talking about. The No-Poo diet. The coconut oil conditioner. The apple cider vinegar cleanser. Honey, eggs, and avocado? Yup. Admit it.

 5. Frizz. Just FRIZZ.

Never is this NOT an issue.

6. The Water Bill.

You dread when the water company increases its rates. You will suffer financially.

7. Hair in the Shower Drain.

You have to call the plumber multiple times in a year. Sometimes you let a little clump of hair form in the corner of your shower.

8. Conditioner to Shampoo Ratio.

You just bought both of them that day. The Shampoo lasts a month. The conditioner: 1 week.

9. Spending Too Much Money $$$.

Anything that says “curly” on it is a must buy. And, of course, the one product that works for you is $30 a bottle, and it only lasts a month.

10. Being a Human Science Experiment.

You should have been used for testing hair products. You’ve gone through probably 50 different products to find “The One.”

11. Being a Walking Weather Radar.

Your hair can tell you whether its going to rain, snow, be windy, sunny, or cloudy.

12. Everybody wanting to see you with straight hair.

They don’t get it. We DON’T WANT TO STRAIGHTEN OUR HAIR! It takes an hour and a half!

13. Straightening your hair and nobody recognizing you.

But we cave in to their requests one time and actually take time to straighten the beast. BUT they don’t recognize you.

14. Constantly being told people would pay a lot of money to have your hair.

All those elderly ladies at the grocery store ESPECIALLY like to tell you this.

15. Not being able to brush your hair like Rapunzel.

You saw Tangled. You know its impossible to brush your imaginary beautiful long locks of gold.

16. People always wanting to touch your hair.

They just always feel a need to touch it, don’t they?

17. People not understanding that they ruin your hair by touching it.

When they do touch it you get a little irritated. They make your hair frizzy.

18. Having more bad hair days than everybody else on earth.

Everyone else can easily fix their bad hair days. We have to completely start over and rewash our hair. 

19. Being known only for your hair.

Even strangers know you as the “curly haired girl.”

20. Not being able to hide from someone you don’t want to talk to at the grocery store.

You know those days you just don’t feel like talking, or you are trying to hurry up. Yeah, there is no turning your head quickly away so they don’t recognize you. They KNOW who you are!

21. Not being recognized when your hair is in a bun.

No poofy hair, no recognition.

22. People constantly asking if you curl it everyday.

Really? Yes, I use a wand on every single one of these little curls every day. It takes me five hours. 

23. When your hair is in someone’s food, they KNOW it’s you.

The twirly hair is always yours.

24. Basically wherever single strands of hair find themselves, people will know it’s you.

On the couch, shirt, floor, or food. If its curly, its yours.

25. Once it goes up in a ponytail, there is no taking it out until you wash your hair.

The dent you get will stay the rest of the day. 

26. People talking to the mini curls surrounding your face as if they were little children.

Those little Jane Austen era curls around your face seem to extract the baby voice from everybody.

27. People trying to see if your curls can perfectly go around a finger or pencil.

They always do this. They do this to see how perfect your ringlets are.

28. The pencils getting caught in your hair when this happens.

When they do the pencil thing, it always gets caught in your hair. It’s worse if they use a mechanical one. 

29. Your hair catches EVERYTHING.

Pencils, armpits, food, fuzz, paper, etc.

30. Going shopping is your worst nightmare.

Every time you try on a shirt it rubs your hair. Your hair starts out perfect, and ends in a frizzy mess.

31. Swimming is pretty bad too.

Once you are done taking a dip, your hair will dry and turn again into a frizzy mess.

32. Being compared to Taylor Swift ALL THE TIME.

People automatically assume that Taylor Swift is the only curly haired celebrity. What about Whitney Houston? Bernadette Peters? That lady from Doctor Who?

33. Being mad at Taylor Swift for leaving the curly sisterhood.

She turned on us. She went to the dark side and only ever straightens her hair. Traitor. *But we still listen to her music…

34. Having an emotional connection to your hair.

Sometimes you talk to it. When it’s sad, you are sad. When it’s happy, you are happy. 

35. Having an emotional connection to other people’s curly hair.

You feel for others’ curly hair. You empathize with their friziness and the years of struggle they have also dealt with. 

36. The time it takes to get ready in the morning.

Minimum: 1 hour. JK. 1 1/2. 

37. Not being able to sleep in.

Because of the time it takes to get ready, you have to get up early.

38. You are only allowed to shower in the morning.

Psh. Going to bed with wet hair? Ain’t happenin’.

39. Slow hair growth rate.

Its been a year and your hair hasn’t even grown an inch.

40. Never having the same outcome for your hair after you wash it.

Everyday is different.

41. Never knowing how it will turn out.

Because everyday is different, you can never expect how it will look the next day.

42. The short time you have after you shower until your hair wigs out on you.

About 5 minutes until frizz takes over.

43. The amount of Pinterest boards dedicated to “curly” hair when they are full of people who just curled their hair with a wand.

You can’t really do the hairstyles they demonstrate.

44. Beach waves? Yeah, right.

The hit in hair fashion is this lazy beach wave look. No way we can replicate it.

45. Being considered either Jewish or Greek if you are white.

They automatically think you can only have curly hair if you are Jewish (or Greek).

46. Crazy hair expectations set by Beyoncé for you if you are black.

She always has it as a blow out or straightened. We can’t look like that superstar!

47. Wind being your worst enemy. 

There will be no signature Pocahontas pose for you.

48. Difficulty finding a trustworthy hairdresser.

Great Clips is not our #1 choice.

49. Rain is also your worst enemy.

Second shower for you?

50. The Problem of the Pyramid Head.

It is exactly as it sounds.


Even with all these struggles, its worth it. Isn’t it girls? Face it, our hair is FABULOUS!!!

3 thoughts on “50 Struggles of a Curly Haired Person

  1. I relate to every one of these!! 😂 Lisa, Christian, curly haired 40-something woman who hates straightening my curls & hearing how much everyone loves them when (usually) I see a frizzy pyramid!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Omg ! I think I can relate to almost everything you posted. I always get people yelling me they love my curls and tell me people would pay big bucks to have them.

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