Redbox: Lazy Turned Expensive

Redbox: Lazy Turned Expensive
Why I Will Never Again Rent a Movie From Redbox- Laziness turned Expensive. Too many days of waiting to return a movie can cost you more money than what the movie is worth!
Why I Will Never Again Rent a Movie From Redbox

My family and I have made a pact never to rent a movie from Redbox again. It is nothing against Redbox, they were wonderful. It was our own fault for quitting using this wonderful service.

So, several months ago, we received $5 dollars towards Redbox. I was SO exctied because there had been many movies that I had not seen yet that I heard were AMAZING. We went to get “Jurassic Word” a few months ago (which was, by the way, an extremely thrilling movie. I highly recommend it). I was dying to see this movie as reviews were over-the-top FANTASTIC. We sat down as a family and watched the movie. We finished it after being terrified forever of dinosaurs, but slightly thinking raptors were adorable (for some reason they reminded me of my Labrador Retriever). The movie would be due the next day at around 10 in the morning since we got it at 10 that morning (don’t do it. That is the worst time to feel like going to 7-Eleven to return a Redbox movie).

The next day comes around 3 in the afternoon.

We forgot to return it.

Oh that’s okay! We thought. It would have cost $12 dollars each if we saw it in theaters, we are fine.

 The next next day comes. We forget again. It’s just $3 dollars. Nothing more than when we used to rent a Blockbuster movie.

The next next next day comes.

We don’t forget. We just don’t feel like driving to the 7-Eleven not even 2 minutes away from our house. We had done our driving for the day with our grocery errand running.

The next next next next day comes.

Mom, I ask. can you return it?  No honey, I’ve had a long day. Why don’t you return it? I can’t mom. I would have to ride my bike. Which I am NOT doing. We’ll do it tomorrow, I promise.

Yeah, right…


The next next next next next next next next next day comes.

Boy, have we failed. Our $1 movie has now turned into a $10 movie, which it will probably cost in about 5 years at Walmart. I’m ashamed. Horrified. Laziness has proven too strong in this one.

We eventually returned it. It was the next week’s grocery run.

How pathetic.

We had waited a whole week to return the Redbox movie. FAIL. We got an “F” as we call it in our family.

Never again will we rent from Redbox.

It was so much easier when we had Netflix. We could just step two feet outside our house and put the DVD in our mailbox.


Actually…now that I think about it…we would wait a whole week after watching the Netflix movie before we returned it.


Renting Movies = Not For Us



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