Top 5 Curly Hair Products

Top 5 Curly Hair Products
Top 5 Curly Hair Products- The best curly hair products ranked by price and effectiveness! Ouidad, Paul Mitchell, Garnier Fructis, DevaCurl, Shea Mositure.
Top 5 Curly Hair Products

Finding the perfect product can be difficult. It takes years of experimentation and hundreds of dollars. I believe I have discovered the best curtly hair products for you! I have narrowed down the top hair products I have tried to 5 and have ranked them based on price and their effectiveness on my curly hair. Don’t be afraid to try all of them yourself! It’s a fun experience!

#5. Ouidad

Price:     1 out of 5 stars                                        Effectiveness: 4 out of 5 stars- Top 5 Curly Hair Products

Okay, I will start with the good. It really does a great job of making your hair beautiful. It controls frizz and it is known to keep hair fresh up until the third day. It smells good, and comes in a cute, compact bottle. The downside: it is SUPER expensive. You have to use a lot of their product for effectiveness. For me, its effects only lasted until the second day. For an 8.5 oz. bottle of their clarifying shampoo it costs… wait for it… $18.00. I DEFINITELY can’t afford that. It only lasted a couple of weeks for me, so if you add conditioner and a styling product to the shampoo, I would be spending about $100 a month! Sorry, this is why I am ranking it as number five. BUT at least it is part of my top 5 curly hair products! AND I have to give them props for their Wide Tooth Comb that I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! Thank you Ouidad!

#4. Garnier Fructis

Price:       5 out of 5 stars- Top 5 Curly Hair Products               Effectiveness:    3 out of 5 stars

So, the price is, by far, THE BEST! It costs $4.99 for a 25.4 oz. bottle of Shampoo and it lasts 3 months. The $4.99 25.4 oz. bottle of Conditioner lasts 2 months. AND for a styling product like their Curl Sculpting Cream-Gel, it is $2.84 for 5.1 oz and it lasts a bit over a month. You are not even spending more than $5 a month for their product. Talk about a DEAL! Their product is thicker and their shampoo crazily lathers. It does an OK job of containing frizz, you will definitely need touch ups every other day. BUT this is perfect for those on a budget. It gets the job done while costing practically nothing.

#3. Paul Mitchell’s Awupuhi Shampoo, The Detangler, and Sculpting Foam

Price: 3 out of 5 stars                                 Effectiveness: 4 out of 5 stars- Top 5 Curly Hair Products

The smell. The amazing aroma. It is delicious! I seriously want to eat my hair (okay, that’s just a little creepy). It’s conditioner is very light and it’s effects last up to three days. Your curls will be controlled and the pyramid head becomes easily avoidable. Each bottle of shampoo or conditioner costs about $22 and the sculpting foam about $20. Your monthly expenses will add up to about $40-45 a month depending on how long it takes for you to use the product (about a month and a half for new). It is a bit on the expensive side, BUT it helps restore hair. You will notice instant results! By the end of a month of using it, your hair will be so clean and your curls will be the best they’ve ever been.

#2. DevaCurl

Price:     2 out of 5 stars                                        Effectiveness: 5 out of 5 stars- Top 5 Curly Hair Products

If this product was ranked by effectiveness alone, it would be my number one! It is so smooth and completely de-frizzes your hair! You can actually run your fingers through the top of your scalp when your hair is dry. Its effects last the longest out of all the others and has a unique (but AMAZING) smell. Its smell can only be described as the “DevaCurl Smell,” it is WONDERFUL! The only downside is that its expensive because you have to use A LOT of their product to get the best results. It costs about $44 for a 32 oz of their No-Poo Original Cleanser. That can really add up, especially when it lasts barely two months. If you include conditioner and one of their style and shaping products, you are looking at around $80 a month. YIKES! I can’t afford that, but it is worth it for such a great product if you want a little treat! Not only is their product best  for effectiveness, but they have the best customer care. I have talked to representatives online multiple times to ask questions and they are always kind and helpful. AND their website offers tutorials for curly hair! I love you DevaCurl!

#1. Shea Moisture

Price:  4 out of 5 stars- Top 5 Curly Hair Products                             Effectiveness: 4 out of 5 stars- Top 5 Curly Hair Products

At just $10 a bottle for shampoo OR conditioner, the price is a steal for its effectiveness! With a styling product, it will cost around $20-25 a month. However, you can get it for cheaper! I go to Ross and Marshall’s and sometimes they have these products for $5 of an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo and $5 for their styling product, the Coconut & Hibiscus Hair Smoothie (their biggest container of the smoothie lasted two months). At this deal, you can get to spending as low as $15 a month. While using this product, my hair is practically frizz free and it smells SO GOOD! It is light and a little bit of their products goes a long way. Your hair lasts till the second or third day. You can also use their products to touch up on those days you don’t feel like washing your hair again. This is my number one because its price and effectiveness balance out enough to where you will be most content with this product above all the others! You are the winner Shea Moisture!!!

What is your favorite curly hair product? Leave a comment! Share your wisdom with all of us!

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