10 Traffic Rules of Shopping

10 Traffic Rules of Shopping

Traffic Rules of Shopping- Too many accidents happen on the shopping roadway. Rules need to be implemented like our concrete highways to avoid shopping and grocery store catastrophes.

It’s the day before the Fourth of July. You forgot the hot dog buns. You head to the nearby Target and you enter into the jungle of people. Everyone and their brother forgot their hot dog buns. Carts are running into each other, people are cutting you off, how do you control this mayhem!? You stop and think to yourself, ” if only we had rules for shopping like we do for driving…”

Guess what? Your answer is right here! In a world of shopping catastrophe, we need a bit of guidance when it comes to pushing our carts and turning into different shopping lanes.
Traffic Rule #1
Leave your cart aside, away from where you need to grab an item. 
Your cart is not an extension of your body. It seems like so many people like to take their carts to the exact spot they need to grab hot dog buns. What they don’t realize is that because they take their cart with them, they are blocking the whole bread isle for everyone else who needs hot dog buns. Please leave your cart in an inconspicuous spot.

Traffic Rule #2
People on the main isles have the right of way.
These shopping isle highways have people who are on a mission to get to the other side of the store the fastest way. These people are the speedsters of the shopping road. Just like on a normal highway, you should get out of their way when merging into their lane. Wait for these speeders to pass. You don’t want to break their momentum. It’s just annoying.

Traffic Rule #3
Do not stop in the middle of these highways.
Find a friend from church or work? A neighbor? Long lost sister? Get out of the way! Would you stop your car to talk to another driver in the middle of a highway? No, you wouldn’t. Go off to one of the side roads (or aisles in this case) and pull to the shopping curb to talk. It’s just inconsiderate to block the speedway.

Traffic Rule #4
Give the vendor workers space.
With my dad being a food deliverer for 30 years for many grocery stores, I understand the frustration the workers have for shoppers who get in the way. These hard workers are on a tight schedule with their bosses breathing down their necks. No overtime. Deadlines to meet. You don’t help if you stand in their section as they are trying to restock. Step to the side and wait until they are finished (don’t worry, they are fast) or politely ask them if you could grab what you need quickly. Don’t stand in the way like Traffic Rule #1 states.

Traffic Rule #5
Pedestrians (those without baskets) have the right of way.
These people are also the speedsters in the road. They don’t have a basket slowing their pace, they just go for it on the aisles and probably are just making a quick trip to the store. They want out of there, FAST. They only need one or two items being that they don’t have a cart. You with a cart are going to be there for a while anyway, so it won’t make a difference to let the pedestrians have the right of way.

Traffic Rule #6
Those with a lighter load at checkout should be allowed priority above those with a full cart.
Let the person behind you with a couple items go in front of you if you have a full load of groceries. Again, #5 states that they are a pedestrian and want to get in and get out. Be considerate and let them go first.

Traffic Rule #7
Look both ways before crossing or turning to another aisle.
Don’t cause a cart accident. There could be casualties. Look both ways like your mama taught you and make sure no one else is coming your way.

Traffic Rule #8
Always yield the right of way when you see a person coming and are crossing or turning to another aisle. 
No matter where you are, yield to the other shopper like a nice person. And do the whole “you go first” “no, you go first” “oh no, please, you go first” “okay, thank you” thing. It will all work out and the kindness of one of you will eventually crack and one of you will be selfish and decide to go first. This avoids sudden collisions on the roadway. If anything, it will be a slow and polite collision that causes no injuries, physical or emotional.

Traffic Rule #9
Naughty kids are banned to the sidelines.
If your kid is acting up, try to get them to one of the side aisles, off the the shopping highway. First of all, it’s embarrassing for everyone to see your kid screaming. Secondly, it makes it easier for you to get them under control. Thirdly, it’s just nice to get them out of the way so they aren’t blocking other shoppers.

Traffic Rule #10
Be patient and kind.
I know you may be tired, stressed, and bothered, but keep your cool and treat others the way you would like to be treated, just like Jesus commands us.
Please do us all a favor and follow these rules. It will make everyone’s shopping experience so much better.

Do you have any shopping catastrophes you would like to share! Please tell us and leave a comment at the top of the page!

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