How to Manage Curly Hair

How to Manage Curly Hair

How to Manage Curly Hair- Haven't figured out what to do with the curly mess on your head? Just follow these tips and you will get the hang of it!

Every curly person has gone through the tunnel of curly confusion. Some don’t escape it for years. Frustration arises. You just can’t figure out how to style your hair! Questions surround you. What product should I use? Should I leave it down? Should I straighten it? Why does every other person with curly hair look perfect? Am I the only freak who just can’t get it?

Don’t worry if you are stuck in that tunnel. There are so many other people out there who are going through it too and people who can help you! People with years more of experience (they practically have a PhD in curly styling). I’m just one of those small mentors guide you along the way to YOUR PhD.

These are just a few tips I would like to give you to set you on your way towards conquering your curls.

1. Use very little heat.

Don’t straighten your hair everyday. I know a lot of people who try to use this to mask their curly hair, but it isn’t the right way to go. Embrace your curls and don’t try to hide them! Straightening your hair everyday ruins your curls, flattening them. One day when you are older, you will want to go natural, but you can’t because you destroyed your curls!

2. Don’t brush your hair dry

Brushing your hair causes frizz and you can’t go back after you’ve committed this bad crime. Only brush your hair when it’s wet. Even if you notice a little bit of dried hair, don’t brush it.

3. Try to steer clear from products with parabens, sulfates, and silicons.

These are harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils and build up a layer around your scalp. You need your natural oils to moisturize your hair and keep it from frizzing. If you’ve been using these kind of products, do a cleansing mask for your hair. It will get rid of that layer of plasticky chemicals around your scalp and re-moisturize it!

4. Don’t use too much styling product.

I see many curlians (people with curly hair. Yes, I made that up. No, don’t call this weird) make the mistake of using handfuls of mousse, spraying hairspray generously, coating their hair with a layer of gel. DON’T do that. First of all, it ruins your hair and makes it frizzier. Secondly, it doesn’t look good. Your hair is crunchy and looks like plastic.

5. Stick to gels or creams. Don’t use hairspray or mousse.

Hairspray dries out your hair and, honestly, I haven’t seen any hairspray do justice for curlians. Mousse is usually over-applied and doesn’t spread evenly across your hair. With gels and creams, you can evenly spread through your hair by brushing it and moisturize your hair to perfection!

6. Style your hair when it’s wet.

As soon as you get out of the shower, style it. After its dry, there is no going back. Even five minutes of waiting is a big difference in curly hair time.

7. Invest in a defuser.

Most of the time, people tell you to air dry your hair. During my freshman and sophomore year in high school, I always showed up with wet hair. It looked terrible. I regret it so much. I thought I couldn’t blow dry my hair because I would end up with a frizzy fro. I was half-right. I had to use a defuser to evenly distribute heat across my hair. Without using this tool, your dryer centralizes too much on one spot and makes it poofy. The defuser avoids “the poof” and gives your hair a very natural look.

8. Don’t go to bed with wet hair.

This squishes your curls, giving a flat look when you wake up. Wash your hair in the morning. BUT wash your hair every other day so you won’t have to wake up early everyday to wash your hair.


Please don’t give up on your beautiful hair! Ask others for advice and experiment with different ways to style it. #EmbracetheCurls


What tips can you give to people stuck in the tunnel of curl confusion? Leave a comment or send me and email!

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12 thoughts on “How to Manage Curly Hair

  1. I have the opposite hair — STICK STRAIGHT! I wish I had curly!

  2. Good tips, I’m naughty and still straighten my hair 24 hrs after I wash it! I still love my curls but the current length it is at, looks like I have earmuffs attached to my head 😛

    I have def stopped going to bed with wet hair, and I usually style it wet now as well. 🙂

    Great tips and #embracethecurls

    Sammy |

    • Post Author curlywcf

      Haha! That’s okay! 🙂 Have you tried finding a DevaCurl Hairstylist in your area? I’ve heard great reviews as they know the best way to style hair!

  3. All about #7! Everyone always tells me to “let your hair air dry.” Wrong! Great tips!

  4. Some awesome tips for those of us who struggle worth curly/frizzy hair. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hello, Lovely!! Your hair is GORGEOUS!!! I have very curly, fine hair, and lots of it . Found a DevaCurl Master stylist several years ago – she is brilliant! Anyway, the best styling product I have found is to make my own. Disolve half teaspoon of Knox Gelatin in 1 cup of water (distilled or boiled for 10 minutes) If you use essential oils, lavender and rosemary are great to add a few drops of each after it’s cooled. Pour into a squeeze bottle – like they apply hair color with, or ketchup, or whatever you can find at the dollar store. You have to keep it in the refrigerator, because there are no preservatives in it. Gelatin is pure protein., and it has great holding power. The beauty is, you can tweak this. For more hold, add a little more Gelatin. I only make 1 cup at a time and it lasts me about a week. Your hair is longer, so you may go through it more quickly. I have saved buckets of money, and my hair is strong, curly, and super-shiny. And the essential oils make it smell soooo goooood.

    • Post Author curlywcf

      Hello there! Thanks for visiting! 🙂 Wow! I have never heard of that recipe before! I’m all about saving money 😀 I’ll have to try it some time! Thank you! If you don’t mind me asking, do you know what type of curly hair you have? (2A, 3A, 3,B, 3C, etc.)

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