35 Struggles of a Dog Owner

35 Struggles of a Dog Owner
35 Struggles of a Dog Owner- We all encounter some interesting things as dog owners.
35 Struggles of a Dog Owner

If you are a dog owner, you’ll understand all the things we have to go through to raise our wonderful puppies. From poop to hair to bed to crazy people, we pull through our trials.

Here are the 35 struggles of our life:


  1. Hair. Just HAIR.

No explanation needed.

2. Knowing the dog’s name instead of the owner’s.

Hello Sammy and uh…uh… you… 

3. Fighting over who gets to decide what kind of human voice to give to the dog.

There is always that one person who INSISTS on the voice of Doug from “UP.” 

4. People thinking BETTY is a BOY.

She even has a pink collar on! 

5. When you can’t read the dog’s collar and you can’t see underneath. What is it? Boy or Girl?

Sometimes you can’t tell at all if Betty IS a boy or girl. No gender specific collar, and you feel awkward looking down there.

6. Only socializing with the dog at someone’s house.

You could care less about the people who invited you over. If there’s a dog, it is immediately your BFF.

7. Taking on the same hatred for cats as your dog.

All of a sudden cats become revolting. 

8. Dog taking ALL the room, and covers, on the bed. Big or LITTLE.

No matter what size the dog, you won’t get a good night’s sleep.

9. Constantly being judged for how you raise your dog as if it were a child.

Okay, they only know how to sit! SO WHAT?! It’s their one gift! Just because my dog isn’t as talented as yours, doesn’t mean they are any less awesome!

10. Trying to scold your dog like you would a child, and NEVER working.

But you do try to raise them like a child. “Charlie! Look at me! You will go in your cage if you don’t behave!” 

11. That one house in the neighborhood you would NEVER let your dog poop or pee on.

Their yard is too perfect for anything to mess it up. AND the neighbor hates dogs.

12. Figuring out how to hold the poop bag when walking.

The leash gets in the way. It hits your leg too much. It just isn’t comfortable.

13. Talking to someone with a full poop bag and neither of you saying anything about the smell, but you both know its rank.

You try to avoid people on a walk for this reason.

14. Being mad at people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop.

Really? Be responsible.

15. The run you do to keep your dog from pooping when you forget the poop bag and they start squatting.

Okay, sometimes you accidentally do forget, but you make sure to go back and pick it up.

16. Your dog not making the run.


17. Your walk turning into a walk of shame.

Why was I so irresponsible!? 

18. Going back to pick up the poo and the owner is waiting outside.

OH NO! IT JUST GOT WORSE! “I’m so sorry Mrs. Smith.”

19. POOP.

The smell. The mess. The everything.

20. All the gadgets used to control the barking.

Squirt bottle. Newspaper. Bark Control Collar…. The list goes on.

21. Being disgusted by dog owners who let their dogs off leash, when the sign CLEARLY says dogs MUST be on a leash.

Follow the rules man!

22. Being mad when dogs must be on a leash at a beach.

But you do get mad when your dog HAS to be on leash. However, you follow the rules. 

23. The amount of money spent on lint rollers.

About $100 a year. I think they should take the sales tax off of it. It’s a necessity. 

24. Your messy car.

Dirt. Hair. Vomit. Poop. Residual EVERYWHERE.

25. Immediately feeling that people who don’t like dogs don’t like you.

If they hate this beautiful creature, then there is no way they could like me!

26. The licking.

24/7. BUT it’s love. 

27. Being disgusted with those REALLY weird dog owners who practically make out with their dog.

THAT”S where I draw the line!

28. Weird dog owners.

Dog sweaters. Really?

29. Realizing you are a weird dog owner.

Okay, there was this one time at Target and the sweater was on sale and was really cute. I just HAD to get it. 

30. All the overwhelming YouTube training videos.

There are THOUSANDS! If my dog hasn’t turned out all right by now, it’s okay. I’d rather not spend the time sorting through all those videos. 

31. All the Cesaer Millan videos you have recorded.

He is THE MAN. How does he do it?

32. Being jealous of Cesaer Millan.

Like seriously. HOW DOES HE DO IT!?

33. Vacations. Fun at first, but you miss them by the end.

Ah freedom!… *cue Spongebob narrator voice* One week later… I MISS HER SOOO MUCH!!!

34. Loving your dog TOO much.


35. Just Kidding. That’s not a struggle.



2 thoughts on “35 Struggles of a Dog Owner

  1. What a cute post! My husband wins the Doug dog voice battle because he does it so well that I just have to let him 😉 In his defense, he’s only applied it to one or two dogs, though, not every one we meet 🙂

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