ULTA Beauty Value Set: Round 1- UnWash Dry Cleanser & Redken Curvaceous Climate Control Care Spray

ULTA Beauty Value Set: Round 1- UnWash Dry Cleanser & Redken Curvaceous Climate Control Care Spray

ULTA Beauty Value Set: Round 1

I was so pumped when my sister called me saying that ULTA had a $10 hair product kit with 8 products to try. I, of course, had her get it for me and today is the first day I will be trying products from that kit. My New Year’s Resolution was to try at least 10 new products this year that I’d never tried before. That may not seem like a lot, but it really does take a lot on curly hair to experiment with different products.

Curly hair is more vulnerable to bad hair days than most hair types when it comes to discovering new products. Taking those leaps of faith on products you’ve never tried or even heard of before can be hard. You are putting your hair in the hands of that product. It could go absolutely wrong or absolutely right. I wanted to expand my knowledge of different hair products so that I could better inform you on products for your, or your friend, family member’s hair. This value set made it too easy to reach that goal, so I’m doubling that 10 to a 20. Thanks ULTA!

Here are the results:

UnWash Dry Cleanser

I normally don’t go three days without washing, but I wasn’t feeling too good this morning. I’m recovering from a slight cold and didn’t feel like washing my hair in this freezing weather. My hair was greasy, frizzy, and very textured. It didn’t smell too bad, but enough to where I wouldn’t go out in public with it. The Dry Cleanser is basically just a dry shampoo. You spray it on your hair like aerosol hairspray and it lets out a powdery substance.

The thing I really liked about the UnWash Dry Cleanser was that it took away any bad smells that were coming from my hair. It reminds me of that smell when you first walk into a hair salon. All the expensive products mix together in the air and it’s a magical, delightful cloud of products. UnWash was a little overwhelming at first, but as a couple minutes rolled by, it was fine.

As I normally don’t go three days without washing, I didn’t expect this cleanser to make it oil-free. When I ran my fingers through my hair, it did feel a little greasy with some oil residue left on my fingers, but not nearly as much when it didn’t have the product in it. From the outside, it didnn’t look as greasy as it was before. I did see some remnants of oil though (very little), so if you are the type to go 5 days without washing, it may not give you a “clean look” on day 5. However, for last minute styling purposes or day 2/3 hair, it does its job.

Redken Curvaceous Climate Control Care Spray

My hair was suuuuppeeeerrr frizzy this morning and my bottom curls were lacking in definition. I sprayed my hair with water until it was pretty damp and then sprayed Redken CCC Spray on. It was a gel spray, so it wasn’t liquidy. It had a gel-like consistency, but was not as solid as gels. I sprayed it all over my hair and then glided my hands on the outside to calm the frizz. I sprayed some product into my hand and scrunched upwards. Then I diffused to add volume and dry my hair a bit.

In the picture, you can see that my curls regained their definition and that there was some frizz reduction. It’s supposed to be a climate control spray and it has done well in protecting my hair in this cold weather. My hair hasn’t gotten any frizzier. This product also smells AMAZING, which is a plus.

One the bad side, I didn’t like that it made my hair crunchy. Most gels do this, and I’m not a fan of it. It does help retain the curl’s definition longer, but it feels weird and just doesn’t seem healthy for my hair. It also didn’t get rid of most of the frizz. There is a lot left, but, then again, this is a climate control spray meant to keep hair from frizzing, not to create frizz free hair. My hair was already really frizzy. I would recommend spraying it on top of your hair on wash day after you’ve styled with your favorite styling product.



Overall I liked the two products. The Dry Cleanser smelled amazing, but there is room for improvement in creating a cleaner look. I would use it again since its in my product pantry, but I already found a dry shampoo that I really like. I probably would not buy UnWash Dry Cleanser again unless it was on sale. Redken CCC Spray was great for protecting frizz from hair, but I wouldn’t use it as the only styling product. I’d pair it with a cream styler and use it as a finishing spray. Spray sparingly so that you don’t get a crunchy feel. I would consider buying it again!

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