10 Tips on Creating a Routine Devotional Schedule

Doing a devotional can be tough. Life gets in the way, and we make excuses to further postpone our quiet time with Christ. I hope these 10 tips will help you restore a consistent schedule for your devotional, but most importantly that you lean on Christ and grow closer to…

How to Manage Curly Hair

Every curly person has gone through the tunnel of curly confusion. Some don’t escape it for years. Frustration arises. You just can’t figure out how to style your hair! Questions surround you. What product should I use? Should I leave it down? Should I straighten it? Why does every other…

10 Things Every Curly Person Needs

  Just like straight haired people, we curly people must have tools to help tame our hair. Now, our hair NEVER turns out the same each day, but these tools will help you reach a better hair day. 1. Wide Tooth Comb This is the number one thing you need.…


This is definitely a question I would have liked answered before I went to college. It may seem like a silly question, but it really is very important to know! You don’t want to over-pack or under-pack during college! Knowing just the right stuff you need will make your day…

7 Nevers for Curly Hair

There are some things you should NEVER do with curly hair. To protect those lovely locks, here are some nevers for curly hair care.

First Year of College: What to Do & What to Expect

Starting college can be a scary new thing. If you are just about to graduate high school or are thinking about starting college, here are some things to expect and do for your first year.


Sometimes it is hard to find scripture verses that you want to memorize. Here is a list of good memory verses that will help strengthen your walk and relationship with the Lord.